eruditeWelcome to Titan Coaching College.

Utilising the cutting-edge in teaching methodology and technology, our tuition raises the bar and allows students to reach their full potential.  If you need help to get to next level but aren’t sure how, take it from us, we’ve got the solutions that will take you to where you want to go.

Our courses include: reading comprehension, drama analysis, essay writing, critical thinking, fiction writing, figurative language, grammar, logic, media studies, poetry analysis, prose analysis, speech craft, study skills and vocabulary.  Our courses are offered at elementary, intermediate and advanced levels, making them suitable for any skill level.

Our teaching staff utilises a wide range of cutting edge technology to ensure that learning is occurring at a conscious and subconscious level, thereby giving the best quality learning experience humanly possible.  We strive to work with our students to attain their academic goals by and making the process fun, interesting and satisfying.

We have courses to suit students from primary school to university level and also offer assistance on ACER scholarship tests, the IELTS exam and the GAMSAT for aspiring doctors.

Our tutors are also nonpareil in assisting students with their school assignments, and can assist students either face to face or online.




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